apple watch

Apple’s Unpredicted New Cool Watch

A relaxed, confident and effervescent Tim Cook wowed the Apple faithful with the long-awaited, heavily-hyped (though, as I’ll argue later, underhyped) Apple Watch. Cook’s almost childlike enthusiasm seems entirely justified: Based on first impressions, Apple Watch has the potential to be yet another transformative device for the company. It’s the ammunition needed to put to rest the Haunted Empire/Apple-After-Steve-Is-Dead meme …

Rakesh MondalApple’s Unpredicted New Cool Watch
apple iphone6

Apple’s New iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus

As expected, Apple announced its newest iPhone during a press event this morning. The iPhone 6 will launch later this year via Apple’s online and retail stores, in addition to all major carriers. And yes, it looks like the iPhone’s screen has grown once again. he new iPhone–or iPhones, rather–will come in two new, bigger screen sizes. The iPhone 6 …

Rakesh MondalApple’s New iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus
ecommerce UX design guidelines

E-commerce UX Design Guidelines for Better Search

Can you sell a product that your customers can’t find in your e-commerce store ? Customers have several reasons to search on sites. Site search which is influenced from web search is becoming very popular day by day since almost every consumer are accustomed to use Google or Yahoo or other search engines to search for whatever they want. Consumers …

Rakesh MondalE-commerce UX Design Guidelines for Better Search

5 Rules for a World Class User Experience for you Product & Service

A great user experience isn’t just about the user interface, but also about how a user feels and responds while using the product, system or service. User experience takes into account, a lot of essential aspects such as user-friendliness, usability, understandability, effectiveness and efficiency and many more. You have a sophisticated design, but have you checked whether it is easy …

Rakesh Mondal5 Rules for a World Class User Experience for you Product & Service

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Redefining UX

amsung has announced not one but two new phablets under its flagship Galaxy Note series with the new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. Blending an evolved S Pen with better viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 4 has a number of new features which redefines the era of UX , let us check us how ! Galaxy Note 4′s …

Rakesh MondalSamsung Galaxy Note 4: Redefining UX
Creating Icons for android apps

How to Create Icons for Your Android App

We are going to have a look at creating your own launch icon for Android apps and getting them ready for use. We will also have a look at some various resources which will be helpful in the creation process. The steps are explained as follows : Preparation Android L generally has a different icon style than KitKat. Material Design …

Rakesh MondalHow to Create Icons for Your Android App
circular website

How to use circular elements in website design

Circles are a relatively new development in web design. From the boxy days of web design’s youth, our contemporary works have evolved beyond what many would have imagined in those early days of the www. This current embrace of the circular ways is most likely due to the fact that, until recently, it wasn’t easy to create circular elements without …

Rakesh MondalHow to use circular elements in website design

The All New Windows 9 Concept by John Noussis

John Noussis – a Design Engineer has developed a virtual concept for Windows 9 graphically . But he adds that this is mere a concept and has nothing no connection whatsoever with the Microsoft. It was done as a fun and explorative project . New Splash Screen Showing the Windows 9 logo and header , the splash screen insinuates the …

Rakesh MondalThe All New Windows 9 Concept by John Noussis